Web Maintenance Malaysia

1. Monthly (Retainer) – Web Maintenance Package

– 4 updates per month. ( Each update One maximum hours only and not exceed 20% change of current web page)
– Image scanning, optimization and add/replace/remove images or info to websites (Info/Graphics should be prepare by client side)
– Plugin, Software & Theme update monthly
– Website & Database backup monthly
– Perform Speed optimization
– Virus scanning monthly
– Website analytic report monthly by PDF format
– Update respond within 3 business days

2. Charge per Hour – Web Maintenance Package

– 1-2 updates in an hour
– Website checking
– Update respond within 1 working hour

How to apply web maintenance for your website?

Email us or call us at 017-7249716(Sales) with any questions you may have about Maintenance Package and let us know your site’s domain name.
You also may consider order through our Online Quotation form.