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It is a common believe among some Asian cultures that to BE well, your 5 core organ must be healthy (Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Spleen). Likewise, in MyPhysio FiCoMo, we believe as movement specialists we need 5 major Cores of our body to be strong in a stabilization function in order to achieve the optimal network of systems to move healthily.

FiCoMo is a way of understanding that Movements are not based on just a particular structure. HEALTHY Movement is based on an optimal coordination of network for a group/groups of muscles to influence great joint and skeleton function which results in minimal or no ‘wear and tear’.

FiCoMo is a believe that to live well, you do not only emphasize on eating healthily BUT you must also be empowered to MOVE healthily in your EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES. This includes your BREATHING as your RIBCAGE is the First CORE in the FiCoMo Concept!

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